- Art

- Staking pool

- CNFT project

- Defi Project

Lands mint

- WL (mid-february)

- First batch (2022/03/05)

- Airdrop (after first batch)


- Sneak Pics (October to November): Previews of the environment, the beaviz and the functionalities. Get access to the behind the scenes of the project.

- Website unvealing (21st of November): A brand-new top-notch website revealing the unique feature we are implementing.

- Whitepaper game functionalities (30th of November): A fully documented whitepaper explaining in detail the Metadams’ universe and game mechanisms.


- NFT Staking: Following the success of our first NFT staking event, we have decided to prepare a new staking feature.

- Marketplace: A dedicated marketplace will be accessible on our website allowing an easy onboarding of new players

Q1 2023

- Metadams’ video trailer

- Opening Party: The moment we all are waiting for… A huge party inside Metadams for Beaver & Land holders!

- Public access to Metadams’ Alpha: Metadams’ public opening letting players play, interact with each other, share events and earn.

- $MTD ICO: Private and public sale of the Metadams’ token

- $MTD Airdrop: Airdrop of the $MTD to NFT staking eligible holders.

- Weekly events: Concerts, conferences, workshop sessions and many others will be held weekly inside Metadams

Q2 2023

- Metadams Terra Firma: The land farming zone of Metadams will be fully deployed.

- Interoperability with other WEB3 Games

Q3 2023

- Mobile game: Mobile version of the Game will be released available on Androids and IOS

- Interoperability with other TapNation Games